Difference between cloud hosting and dedicated server hosting

Cloud servers – These are very cost effective and doesn’t need any beforehand funding on purchasing and preservation of infrastructure. Cloud is available along with internet and permits the users to access the data from any location. Cloud is very reliable as it works on multiple servers and even if one constituent fails, service continues from the other servers. It is measurable on demand. It can be arranged to provide your business with the same features as of a dedicated server in a shared environment.

Dedicated servers – These servers are physical in nature and provide the entire server for your own websites. These servers are more secure than any other server and perform efficiently. It provides you technical experts and full control available round-the-clock to supervise the server for any issues.

1) Availability

Cloud server clinches zero downtime and the maximum network uptime for your own websites and applications. It never goes down in case of any issue, numerous junctions takes over the call of duty of the failed junction automatically.

In dedicated servers, there is a risk of downtime and failure of physical hardware as they do not have numerous junctions to share the load.

2) Safety and security

You must have faith in your provider for the services and for taking enough measures of security in cloud servers. Service providers of cloud server hosting assure data safety by devoted IT support, secure and inscribe solutions and facilitate backup recoveries.

But in a dedicated server, one should take essentials measures by himself from supervising server resources to upgrade your dedicated server to secure it from spammers and its sensitive and confidential database of business.

3)  Scalability of resources

Cloud servers have measurable RAM, CPU, storage capacity and powerful technical resources to encourage your website performance. Increment and decrement of resources, computing cores, RAM and storage as per load of the work are very simple in a cloud server.

In a dedicated server, a specification is not flexible and scaling of resources is a bit difficult and time-consuming process.

4)Level of control

In cloud server services provided by the host are limited as one does not have complete control.

However, In dedicated server it provides complete control over the server, one can install applications, programs and enhancement of performance measures to the machine.

5) Cost-efficiency

In cloud server, bandwidth, storage capacity, offered are a little bit costly, but they are relatively inexpensive with the plentiful dedicated server. In the cloud server, you pay only for the computing resources that you actually use.

But in dedicated servers, you must pay a consistent amount notwithstanding of how much resources you actually use.

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